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April 29th, 2016

for the record: Black Sails

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Did not expect to find myself in a giddy, fic-writing, video-making fangirl's shoes again, but as they say, never say never. Seeing how this page is the index to pretty much everything I posted online other than picspams, I am adding here what I ended up writing/making recently.

If anyone should chance to see this and wonder about the source material, Black Sails is a series about Caribbean pirates in 1715-1720; not to be confused with the similarly themed silly, overblown, fantasy-filled film series ...this stuff is very realistic, is well scripted, very well acted and has great production values.

I learned of it because of Toby Stephens, but all that was quickly forgotten when I fell in love with another character. Speaking of well scripted, however, the writers' need to amp up the drama fucked up this guy's life to the point when it was ripe for a fix-it fic, and I gladly took the bait. The results are below :)

(should any RHBBC fans see this, you may want to check it out: if you liked Guy of Gisborne, chances are you will love Charles Vane)

Double Jeopardy, the big fix-it:



The Prize, a one-shot companion piece:



Music video - You Know My Name:


August 1st, 2015


I have decided to populate this page with my posts from around the forums that deserve to be seen, while minimising the need for updates (who, me lazy?) So below are

I. The Gisborne shrineCollapse )

I updated (added new links/comments) within the entries below as necessary, so posting dates are not indicative. If, having stumbled upon these here, you enjoy reading them, I am happy in advance!

My posts related to UK politics are in the second, f-locked part of the index post.

April 30th, 2015

Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, aka Batman/Catwoman.
Yes, really.

I liked the first two films better than the third one as films, but Bruce’s broken-hero character arc, cool-babe Selina, and Hans Zimmer’s exquisite music in the third one were good enough to make it well worth watching - and to give me my latest obsession. I am linking these here for the record while I go back to lurking and sporadically reading other people’s fic.

Catching Up

pic Catching UpCollapse )
Story on FFnet
Story on AO3

Story on LJ comm
part 1
part 2

Chinese Boxes
pic Chinese BoxesCollapse )
Story on FFnet
Story on AO3

Chapter-by-chapter on the LJ comm
1 Ch 1-3 (start)
2 Ch 3 (cont’d) – 6
3 Ch 7-9
4 Ch 10-12
5 Ch 13
6 Ch 14-16 (start)
7 Ch 16 (cont’d) – 17
8 Ch 18-19
9 Ch 20-21
10 Ch 22-23
11 Ch 24 and timeline

Plus ça Change
pic Plus ça ChangeCollapse )
Story on FFnet
Story on AO3

201 Days
Story on FFnet
Story on AO3

Youtube video links (also embedded in Dec 2012 post below)
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

Picspam index (I have them all done but will set them from private to public as I post the relevant chapters)

Catching Up

Chinese Boxes
Como, Tuscan towns, and Portofino

Plus ça Change
extras pt 1: Machu Picchu, Ha Long Bay, and Hanoi
extras pt 2: Kyoto
Bangkok and Mae Hong Son

February 12th, 2015

I will eventually convert this into a master post with fic and video rec lists (and links to anything [else] I may end up producing myself), but for the time being, here are Youtube links featuring my modest offering to the other of my two current old/new favourite fandoms:

Hello Again

Stranger Eyes

May 7th, 2013

see you... maybe

This is me giving up, I suppose. Specifically, as far as this account is concerned, giving up the hope that LiveJournal might remain a more-or-less active hub of friendly discussion etc. and giving in to the privacy-averse, profit-driven, shallow monstrosity that is Facebook.

My only excuses are
(a) being bored out of my mind and too hopelessly depressed, thanks to myself and RL, to either write/read fanfic etc. or else make do without *some* kind of online social-placebo crutch;
(b) going against the flow, sort of, by getting a FB account when users are allegedly dropping off in droves to go to Path or wherever; and
(c) doing so under a half-fake name and with a firm resolution to do or post nothing that "may be used against me", as it were, or to Zuckerberg & Co's commercial advantage: the only "personal" details I've put up there are (incomplete) lists of things I've watched and listened to.

I have low expectations; after all, I left my real-name FB account to gather dust four-plus years ago and have never been back to it since (then again, I spent the most part of these same four years having fun here...) Mostly, I want to see if I can use the new account as a feed to get film news and similar mildly entertaining things. I have yet to figure out whether I'll try to get into either any fandom-related stuff or any RL-related stuff over there. In other words, I plan to be a lurker; but it might still be nice to see a familiar face or two (as before, I may not post to *my* page but would be happy to comment). If any of you see this and feel like saying hi over there, you can find me as Anna Cheers. 

November 10th, 2012


TDKR Bruce Selina
Ironically, this is the least exciting of this story's international destinations; it just made sense for the plot to lead there and end there.

the picsCollapse )

Bangkok and Mae Hong Son

TDKR Bruce Selina
The most exuberantly embellished city of this story's bunch, bustling, exciting, a bit crazy, but enjoyably so. I hope it has not changed too much in the five years since I was there, with the floods and political upheavals.

the picsCollapse )


TDKR Bruce Selina

On to the next location, wonderful Sydney. Once again, I have series of similar pics at my favourite angles/moments rather than bring more variety at the cost of lower quality. These are the highlights, though by no means an exhaustive collection of them. I have no pics of the most exciting bit, the BridgeClimb, as participants are not allowed to carry cameras (dropping one would be a serious risk to the traffic and to any pedestrians below).

the picsCollapse )


TDKR Bruce Selina
In the end, I seem to have tons of pictures taken from three or four standard angles on different trips and on different days within the same trip. Oh well. There are only two major vantage points and only so many good angles :P  At least the weather/time of day is kind of different, though dusk is always an addiction ;)

the picsCollapse )

(extras pt 2) Kyoto

TDKR Bruce Selina
DSC_0164 (2)
The second and last one of the "couldn't help pimping" kind, another place I love imagining them strolling around. Kyoto may not have the most dramatic setting, being in a shallow valley surrounded by rolling hills, much like many Italian towns, with no seaside or ocean in sight and only a narrow river, but it is probably the most different city from traditional Western ones that I've seen.

the picsCollapse )
DSC_0141 . DSC_2076
The places in this and the following picspam are only mentioned as ones they have been to (and as ones they were planning to visit in Chinese Boxes but had to postpone because of Selina's broken leg), but I succumbed to the temptation of a bit of photo pimping. I just love the idea of imagining the two of them there.

the picsCollapse )

DSC_0010 . DSC_0024
DSC_0037 . DSC_1008
This next bunch are related to Chinese Boxes locations. I do not have pictures of Prato (not much to see there) or Livorno (a big commercial port above all), but despite not being a fan of Florence, have even dug up a few pics of it (mostly of the Duomo).

the picsCollapse )

getting to Carona

TDKR Bruce Selina
02 tiny title pic
Following in Selina's footsteps, as it were ;)

the picsCollapse )

Benvenuti a Lugano :)

TDKR Bruce Selina
01 tiny title pic
I have progressed, as it were, from visiting filming locations for films I like to revisiting locations from fanfic I myself have written.
If reading Catching Up has made you curious about Lugano, here are a few dozen pics ;) from among my old stuff and from my trip last weekend to help you get your fictional bearings...

the picsCollapse )

October 21st, 2012

This is a public service announcement that some of you may hopefully find useful :)

You know I never update my journal, but due to the fact that yours truly is stuck at a tiny railway station in the middle of... not much, save for some Greek temples she has already seen before missing her train and settling down for a 2+ hour wait, I figured I'd share my today's findings off the Guardian page. As a caveat, this relates to novel-length stuff and outlines a *possible* approach, but by no means *the* approach - I know at least two brilliant people among you who do just the opposite with great results. For my part, I was pleasantly surprised at how much of what I had arrived at on my own was validated here, though at times it seems, even to me, a bit too structured and didactically prescriptive. Still, there are certainly pearls of wisdom in it. The 30 days refer to just the outline, not the finished thing.

The framework intro is here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/oct/20/writing-your-novel-30-days-method

The brainstorming bit is here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/oct/20/brainstorming-book-ideas

and the series main page with the rest broken down into days (parts 1 and 4 have further day-by-day breakdowns) http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/series/how-to-write-a-book-in-30-days

December 8th, 2009

A couple of months ago I compiled a list of, oh, 50 of my favourite Guy Youtube video links out of the 100+ I DL'ed off there :D to send to Ace - and remembered about it now again that I posted this in a thread on Lennongirl's page, and thought that they are worth keeping here as a permanent bookmark. None of these are mine.

The rest of the post title should be self-explanatory to anyone who has heard of His Divine Gorgeousness in Between the Sheets. If you have not heard, you SHOULD have.

linksCollapse )Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

September 30th, 2009

This epic drama of medieval cell phones, redemption, and complete absurdity started its life as a capslock discussion that eventually became a snippet called The Perils of Medieval Drunk Dialling… and then inquiring minds needed to know what happened next. Here is your chance to find out. 


September 13th, 2009

We know that Robin Hood filmed in Hungary. Where exactly, and what else is known about the setting? I am something of a location geek, and having been to a few locations for films I like (which eventually led to a transatlantic move ;) ), kept wondering if any parts of the Nottingham set could be pinpointed (and, if possible, visited). Part of the inspiration was again provided by Aceofhadeon, who acquainted me with another interesting historical series – more on that below. 

so what, you say?Collapse )

August 2nd, 2009

Thanks to another tip from Aceofhadeon, I have spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing with Demotivator posters, and am including the results below. The text is blurry in the pix below - click on them to see properly sized versions. Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageOnline and RichardArmitageNet.


postersCollapse )

August 1st, 2009

RH fiction favourites

c u
The following are the fanfiction stories I have liked on LJ and fanfiction.net.


listCollapse )

RH-themed video links

c u

ETA: I have the SOPA-wielding fuckers to thank for the tragic death of Megaupload and the fact that the links below do not work. Should there be any improvement, I'll happily delete this notice.

Links to everything I compiled and uploaded on the subject, for the patient, curious, and bandwidth-unchallenged among you:

- a long 'movie' of Guy & Marian using most of their s1-2 scenes, with a tweaked happy ending

- a full clip of Guy and Meg scenes

- a simple musical clip, again of Guy and Meg (Kiss from a Rose)

- and a season 3 fake movie about Guy and... every other guy ;) that I just had to call Farewell My Concubine

Be warned, these suckers are big.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the show or the characters, I only borrowed it so I could drool over Sir Guy.


Read more...Collapse )

The Darkest Hour is my big AU Guy and Meg story.
Fate and Fortune is the central part of it that happens between Chapters 11 and 12 (author's note at the beginning explains the reason for posting it separately).
For related video, see ‘Guy and Meg, the beginning’ and ‘Kiss from a Rose’ under ‘video links’

The two short bits are basically extra Darkest Hour chapters I wrote later, though the second one mentions a living Marian (reason explained in the post)

Second Thoughts is a shorter s3 AU story that throws in the question of what happens if Guy lets Marian go in 212.

Ransom is my take on a Guy/Marian plot set in (mostly) historically accurate 1194-1195. In this twist on events, she *runs away* in 212, with interesting results.

Back from the Dead is a short and shameless bit of Guy wish fulfillment fluff that corrects the injustice of the series finale

Rules of Engagement is one-shot smut!crack proposing an impossible threesome

linksCollapse )

film list


Am a big time hoarder and keep copies of the films I like ‘just in case’ (which has led to a 350-DVD album and a monstrous 200+ VHS collection from my younger years that I still have not ditched despite two transatlantic moves and the Milan-Rome transfer). After a discussion with an LJ friend (thanx Ace!), I went through said treasures to make a favourites list. So here goes, in my best attempt at chronological order story-wise for history films and an attempt at a thematic listing for the rest (some belong in more than one category, so I picked one arbitrarily).


list is hereCollapse )
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