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RH/Guy Demotivator posters

RH/Guy Demotivator posters

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Thanks to another tip from Aceofhadeon, I have spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing with Demotivator posters, and am including the results below. The text is blurry in the pix below - click on them to see properly sized versions. Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageOnline and RichardArmitageNet.



ETA: Link to my special edition of Giz!porn demotivators on Capslock:
  • OMG!! My neighbours must be wondering what's going on with me, I'm crying with laughter and trying to strangle my howls of glee...

    It's impossible to say which one's the best! But I always love Bondage!Guy. Swords had me clutching my stomach! Sooo right! Frustration - OMG again! OK, so I've made my point. ;-)
    • I swear I replied and now do not see it... in my own thread! LJ is a strange place. Anyway, wanted to thank you for the terrific comment, and to say that as you see from my icon, I am *very* partial to that 'bondage' scene ;)
  • * dances happily around * Genius ! I love the lot.

    Evil Henchmen Make the Best Boyfriends.

    Can't see anyone here disagreeing with that.
    • Sorry, ended up posting the wrong replies to all comments - totally mixed up. Anyway, thanks for the nice comment, glad to be providing some fun. And have alwys been a baddie-lover, myself.
  • Love the hangover one! And wow, that really is a big sword!
    • Thanks! Am glad to be providing some light entertainment featuring our favourite baddie ;)

      And, though I ended up accidentally saying it in the wrong reply, I did spend some time hunting around the caps for the biggest-sword picture ;)
  • These are super happy amazing! Couldn't stop laughing! Glad I didn't decide to drink/eat while reading!

    Ok, insta faves: Evil Henchmen (no kidding!), Innuendo (this is so hilarious and true!), Sex Appeal (the hair!), Revenge (great shot!), Bondage (haha, he looks so happy!), Redemption (excellent!), Smile (it so does!), Evil Hotness (oh, I so agree!), Swords (darn right!), Workplace Stress (uh-huh!), Sibling Rivalry (the ultimate example!), Strategic planning (I LOLed so hard!), Harassment (YES!). Oooh, that was must of them... Well, no matter, they were all great!

    You can also find good pics on robinhoodbbc under the ep tags; sometimes people will post zip files of them.

    Hey, have you checked out the ihasahoodie comm?
    • Hey, I have *you* to thank for giving me the idea! And apologize for my "smile!" looking a lot like your "evil grin" - it did not hit me until later! Anyway, so glad you enjoyed.
      • Glad to be of service!

        Heh, I didn't notice, and Lord knows Guy has enough evil grins/smiles/smirks/whatevers to go around.
        • *Lord knows Guy has enough evil grins/smiles/smirks/whatevers to go around.*
  • Oh man, I shouldn't have clicked this just after eating dinner, because now I think I'm going to have some serious indigestion from a dangerous combination of too much food followed by too many LULZ. Favorites include "redemption," "bitching," and "strategic planning," but all are excellent. Have you considered posting these over at ihasahoodie? I'm sure the comm would benefit greatly from these, ahaha.
    • We aim to entertain ;) And will cross-post now!
      If only I knew of a way to upload my original files without gettng the font mangled! Am not LJ-literate enough, shame on me, but if you happen to know a quick fix, by all means point me to it! Do not have a photobucket or flickr account, though.
    • Well, the photo hosting on LJ doesn't actually smush/mangle the photos, it just makes you post it in a small preview version that does -- but clicking on them should go to the properly sized image. If you don't want to bother with creating a photobucket account or whatever, I guess you can just remind people at the top of your post to click on images to see the full-sized version?
      • Thank you! See, I really AM illiterate, as your tip was totally news to me. Am x-posting on ihasahoodie as we speak so will add comment.
    • Just adding my two cents where it isn't needed, *but* you might want to check out http://www.imagechicken.com/ for photo hosting without actually having to sign up for an account.

      Also, these are brilliant :D
  • Haha I really laughed at 'hangover'! I really enjoyed them all! I would so love to have an evil henchman as my boyfriend... *thud*
    Great job with these!
    • Thank you! Re Hangover, that pic was *begging* to be used! And indeed, that particular evil henchman would never find himself short of girlfriends if sensible people (as in us fangirls ;) ) ran the show!
      • For some reason when you mentioned Hangover here, I kept thinking of the Smile one. It's like, Hangover is the natural conclusion to Smile. He looks so buzzed. lol
    • Henchmen = in. People like Fitzwilliam Darcy = out.

  • These need to be real. I'm thinking stickers, fridge magnets, mugs - the works! They must cover every available surface of my home.

    Although I have to say, there is no excuse needed for 'harassment'. None. At all. Ever.
    • Thank you ;) Self, am converting into screensaver. And btw, not to be pimping too much, but if you care to get somewhat bigger versions for the same purpose (750x600, the biggest the generator allows), pm me with an e-mail address.

      I know I was a bit tough on PJ. They did make a lovely couple ;) And btw your icon is pure gold!
  • Hee! I especially like "Angst" followed by "Revenge." :D Well done!
  • HAHAHAHAHA brilliant! I love how your mind works.
    • Thanks! Some of it was inspired by *actual* office slavery, and the rest by the gorgeous subject ;)
  • (no subject) - nilhuanwen
  • Oh, I loved all these, but having worked with some grade A numpties, I have a very soft spot for the cure for workplace stress!
    • LOL! That one is a special tribute to my temporary boss (since late May and hopefully until this coming weekend ;) ) That one, and 'Leadership'. So I feel your pain ;)
  • Ah! These are great. Good work. :)
  • OMG, these are awesome! I particularly like "Bondage," "Innuendo", "Backstabbing", "Workplace stress", "Bitching", "Hangover", "Strategic planning" and "Frustration."

    • A belated thank you!
      I will try figure out in the next few days if I can post these on yuku. For now, my monthly 100 hours of internet ran out in two weeks, and the new sim card I bought has not been activated as promised, so am sitting at a cafe >:( but I'll get it sorted out sooner or later.
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