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journal contents part 1: RHBBC

journal contents part 1: RHBBC

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I have decided to populate this page with my posts from around the forums that deserve to be seen, while minimising the need for updates (who, me lazy?) So below are

I. The Gisborne shrine

(1) a list of my 100 or so favourite films and series (not Giz-specific, but WTH);
(2) and (3) links to everything I posted, video-wise and story-wise, on the rhbbc forum;
(4) a (non-exhaustive) list of my favourite RH fanfics;
(5) a collection of Demotivator posters featuring Gizzy & Co., specially created for this page;
(6) a bit of trivia about the RH filming set, complete with screencaps;
(7 Nottingham Wireless, the saga of what Guy's drunken cell phone call to Marian led to (i like my sci-fi!); and
(8) links to my favourite Guy Youtube videos and... read the post title ; )

And since I could not decide which post I should stick these links into, here are:
- a link to my spoof Amazon product reviews from Nottingham users that I put up on capslock_hood
- Guy's Amazon account
- Guy's LJ rant about rope
- Guy reviews season 7 of Spooks
- spoof RH-themed movie posters

Finally, an unrelated Richard Armitage tidbit: my Youtube vid based on Strike Back

I updated (added new links/comments) within the entries below as necessary, so posting dates are not indicative. If, having stumbled upon these here, you enjoy reading them, I am happy in advance!

My posts related to UK politics are in the second, f-locked part of the index post.
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