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see you... maybe

see you... maybe

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This is me giving up, I suppose. Specifically, as far as this account is concerned, giving up the hope that LiveJournal might remain a more-or-less active hub of friendly discussion etc. and giving in to the privacy-averse, profit-driven, shallow monstrosity that is Facebook.

My only excuses are
(a) being bored out of my mind and too hopelessly depressed, thanks to myself and RL, to either write/read fanfic etc. or else make do without *some* kind of online social-placebo crutch;
(b) going against the flow, sort of, by getting a FB account when users are allegedly dropping off in droves to go to Path or wherever; and
(c) doing so under a half-fake name and with a firm resolution to do or post nothing that "may be used against me", as it were, or to Zuckerberg & Co's commercial advantage: the only "personal" details I've put up there are (incomplete) lists of things I've watched and listened to.

I have low expectations; after all, I left my real-name FB account to gather dust four-plus years ago and have never been back to it since (then again, I spent the most part of these same four years having fun here...) Mostly, I want to see if I can use the new account as a feed to get film news and similar mildly entertaining things. I have yet to figure out whether I'll try to get into either any fandom-related stuff or any RL-related stuff over there. In other words, I plan to be a lurker; but it might still be nice to see a familiar face or two (as before, I may not post to *my* page but would be happy to comment). If any of you see this and feel like saying hi over there, you can find me as Anna Cheers. 
  • Eep, I'm really sorry to see you go, especially as we had so little time to get to know each other here but I loved the interactions we did have. Hope RL things go better and that you take care/feel better...
    • Thank you for the nice words and wishes :) It helps to hear from people I used to have fun with, even if, as you say, we met relatively briefly. But I remember, and will no doubt fondly recall, last autumn's fandom adventures, including my Christian Bale film marathon that brought me to Velvet Goldmine and your fics, as a really fun time I had, even if I can't go back to it. I'll hang around occasionally, but must apologise both in retrospect and in advance for not being very talkative; when things are less than great I tend to retreat into silence. What I need to do is keep kicking my own butt to do something, at least in small steps, to get myself out of the mess I put myself into. And anyway, I hope for all our sakes that LJ picks itself up a bit as well :)
      • :/ Am definitely sad to see you go (especially when those fandoms/interests, and LJ generally, need all the people they can get - especially a really nice one like you) but I understand how RL problems can make you want to retreat from online "fun" commitments - especially when those are as frustrating as LJ is getting. I hope it won't be indefinitely though and I hope whatever is bothering you gets/goes better... and I may just look you up on FB.
        • I have an empty account there, pretty much - I mostly plan to use it to get film news and the like, and from what I am seeing the interaction there is as shallow as I remember it being from my real-name account days in 2007-08 - but feel free to look me up regardless. Who knows, maybe there are interesting fandom groups there that either of us might find :)
  • Aww, I'm sorry to see you leave us, Anna. As you know, you were the one who introduced me to LJ and, despite everyone (mostly) departing, I have grown to love this site, warts and all and plan to stick with it. Afraid no one is going to convince me to move to FB, even if I end up talking to myself on here, so you won't find me *waving* to you over there, but if you want to catch up with me, or find you have a change of heart once the boredom/depression lifts, then you know where to find me. *hugs*
    • Thank you sweetie! It is always good to hear from you.

      I understand you perfectly re both FB and LJ. In fact up until now I too was determined to resist, but it LJ's current sad state paired with my current sad state (I'd hate to bore you with details of my self-inflicted troubles, but I'll drop you a line later to explain why exactly I've been rude and unresponsive lately) pushed me to try it. Shallow me must confess that depression apart, my immediate trigger was the upcoming release of Fast & Furious Six in two weeks and wanting to dip into the pre-release hype a bit; there is an LJ comm I am on but it is scarily empty given the countdown.

      I mostly plan to just use FB for the film etc news feeds I've subscribed to - may add a few more in the next few days - to replace the feeds I used to get on imdb way back until they overloaded it with boring news ballast and, more recently, on LJ in terms of fandom stuff. I do not expect to socialise much over there; what I've seen of the format and depth of interaction over there does not look promising, but the trouble is, nowadays most of the stuff that is of some interest and most of the entertainment news has gravitated there. Still, I understand your attachment to dear old LJ; I've certainly spent three and a haldf fantastic years here. I'll still lurk, just not sure if I'll pop my head above the surface all that often. I'll try to be less of an antisocial critter, to the extent possible, so as to stay in touch.
      • I admit LJ does seem to be a sinking ship, but that still doesn't mean I want to dive after everyone else into the big ocean of social media. Somehow, life just feels too short to get caught up in it all, and I fear my writing/reading/pasttimes and family life would suffer, or at least be even more squeezed out, as a result of it. And as someone who prefers to stay away from the hype/pre-marketing stuff before a film is released, I think it's safer to shun FB, Twitter and the like. But, you know, it all depends what you want to use it for, and I'm not in any way having a go at people who like to spend their time on those sites; I've just decided it's not for me, at least not at the present time.

        I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time at the moment. I had rather guessed by your silence that it was either this or you were working away, with little chance to catch up on all things internet-y. Anyway, I'm glad to know you're alive and kicking, if not exactly having the best of times right now, and I hope you do stay in touch. Take care, sweetie.
        • As interaction goes, FB is so shallow - every bit as much as I remember it being from my business school days when we subscribed en masse - as not to be worth one's time, indeed. The only people I know who have a good use for it are those with family and friends overseas who use it to stay in touch with these guys. It would apply to me too but my family and close friends outside Italy are either computer-illiterate or as FB-averse as me. LJ was certainly more personal and had more substance. I plan to just use FB as a newsfeed; I do like the hype for films I am into, and as a spoiler slut, I am after every tidbit I can get. But other than that, you are making a wise choice not losing time there. (I do, however, draw the line at Twitter and Tumblr ;) )
  • I'm sorry to hear you're not well. Lovely to see you, no matter the circumstances. :)

    Not ready to give Tumblr a go as well, btw? A fair few of us frolic there these days.
    • Good to see you around! It looks like you are very active on facebook - which means I'll always have interesting real-person updates to read, and will probably pick up a Swedish word or two ;)
      But I draw the line at Twitter and Tumblr... Facebook was quite a leap already!
  • I've practically stopped using LJ too, to be honest. It's a real shame but it isn't what it once was for one reason or another. I do however use FB quite a lot, not for anything really serious just as a fun tool really. I'll see if I can find you...

    ETA: Turns out there are quite a few Anna Cheers over there. Are you the one in Rome with the icon of a sunset/sunrise?

    Edited at 2013-05-09 02:36 pm (UTC)
    • Heyyy! *waves* and happy birthday!
      I know what you mean re LJ's slow agony and remembering how it was a little while back compared to today's echoing emptiness making it sadder. I am paranoid about Facebook but as you say, so long as you use it for fun it should be OK. I hope, that is ;)

      yes, I am the one in Rome with the sunset icon. The sunset per se was on Lake Como on my birthday in 2006, after a long thunderstorm. The interesting thing is, the sun itself is not in the picture, not even behind clouds; this whole light effect was *reflecting* the sun from across the sky. One of my fond memories, obvs :)
      • *Waves back* Thank you! Yes, I can't help remembering all the wonderful coalition stuff and how active LJ was back then. Very sad.

        A friend of mine felt the same way about FB but has done as you have and joined it anon. She has fun but, even though a lot my my followers know her, they have no idea it's her. So I have experience of saying nothing about people's real identity. I also have a 'friends only' group as my brother is a complete pain on FB and I don't always want him to see what I post. Not that I do controversial... he just loves having a go. The other thing I feel awkward about on there is that I follow a page for my present 'crush'... Jeremy Paxman. Yes, I know, no accounting for taste is there... but when you comment on the pages you follow all your followers can see it. That's one of things I don't like about FB. Aside from that, it's fun and I enjoy it, but care needs to be taken.

        Anyway, I sent you a 'friend' request. :-)
  • Friendly wave

    I've just discovered your delightful existence via Robin Hood fandom...sorry to see you stepping back, although I definitely know how depression screws with all kinds of interaction.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, I really do.
  • Sorry to see you go, although I can understand why. LJ is pretty dead these days (well, compared to a few years ago anyway), with fewer people posting (I do still use groups on here, but rarely ever post in my journal anymore). Most people have moved off to Tumblr and Facebook (two sites which don't really interest me all that much, even though I have accounts on both of those sites I don't actively use them). Good luck on Facebook, hopefully you'll find it more enjoyable than you did the first time around!
  • I'm sorry I've just seen this and I'm sorry RL has sucked lately. I hope it gets better soon.

    I have a Facebook account, but I avoid it like the plague.
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